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The 5 Cs of Internationalisation

5Cs Management Model

Based on the 5 C model of international management our team make your investment in localisation as straightforward and profitable as possible. The Customer is at the centre of the model and all the processes are built around them, making the 5 Cs: Customer, Consumer, Communication, Compliance and Creativity.

Consumer. Global markets are developing rapidly and it is increasingly important to understand how consumers’ requirements change in different regions and why.

Communication. Communicate like a native with your target audience no matter where they are. Technology-driven interpreting for instant communication or secure translation services in over 250 languages.

Compliance. International regulatory alignment for products controlled by law. Integrated into the content creation process and available for all countries/regions.

Creativity. Developing an international content strategy is key. Our in-house team of creatives, writers, designers and producers are here to help.

Customer Centricity

Customer centricity is about offering a great experience from the very first point of interaction with your customers to all the ones that follow. This means putting your customer first, putting them at the centre of your business planning.

We developed the 5 Cs as a framework of customer centricity. Working within this framework shapes how we work with our customers. We believe all value is co-created so we promote and encourage active involvement with the customer along the life cycle of service.

This core philosophy stands at the centre of everything we do – the text we translate, the products we localise and the customer experiences we create. Language matters and when done right it is what connects a company with its global customers, unlocking value in new regions all over the world.

Putting you, the customer, in the centre and integrating our services with your own, makes your business international from day one.

A Busy Customer




We take pride in everything we do and demonstrate a thorough commitment to meet the needs of our customers in order to be their first choice.



We trust and respect our colleagues. Together we combine our knowledge, insight and experience so that we can create better ways, find new solutions and achieve results for our customers, partners and colleagues.



We stand up for our beliefs and are dedicated to doing the right thing rather than the easy thing. We show our customers, partners and colleagues we are worthy of their trust and by doing so we forge long-lasting relationships.



We foster an environment of trust and support where people can take ownership and assume responsibility. We encourage people to unlock their full potential so that we can continually grow and improve together.

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