Monthly Archives: July 2013

memoQfest 2013

Last month 200 or so people from all over the localization industry convened in the Gundle Restaurant in Budapest to participate in the 5th memoQfest. It was an absolute honor for me to be the keynote presenter. Kilgray have put some photos from the event on their photo stream on their facebook page...
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Parlez-Vous Francais?

Parlez Vous Anglais?

Immigration is a hot issue right now for many Brits, but politics aside, it is a fantastic opportunity to explore more languages? Many children are now growing up in the UK bilingual; some schools are now even teaching in Polish, Russian and more typically non-traditional languages for schools in im...
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Attack of the Memes

So the good news, your business is gaining international exposure, countless website hits and signs from your building are circulating around blog sites and social media. The bad news, it may have been due to a slight translation glitch. The blogosphere as well news sites such as the Huffington post...
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Borrowing Words in Language

Language was never meant to be rigid, or we would still be speaking in Shakespearian dialect, or worse, grunting like cavemen. Any now with the ease of travel and global media, it’s fair to say we are trading words with our international friends left, right and centre. Most of it we aren’t even ...
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The Wings of a Dove

As some of you know… We’ve had some strange noises in the roof the last couple of days and saw a couple of white doves trapped up there. We’d tried to get them out but couldn’t so we had to call the local bird catcher to do what he had to do. He was going […]...
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