Monthly Archives: August 2013

Dogs in Translation

In the Northern Hemisphere, the hot, lazy “dog days” of summer are at an end.  In recent years, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy and New Zealand have marked the occasion by celebrating “National Dog Day.” National Dog Day is a holiday to celebrate all things cani...
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A Translation Experiment

Translators are supposed to hew as closely to the original text as possible. But often, there is not one “perfect translation” that captures both the feel and the meaning of the original. Even the most conscientious translator has to make choices. How do those choices change the meaning?...
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Translating for Tesco

Agnieszka works at K International. It was her first full day at Tesco yesterday. It’s her job to oversee all of the client communication between K International and Tesco. No small feat as we help over a dozen different departments within Tesco to translate their documentation, packaging, web...
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