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Public Sector Interpreters

High-quality interpreting and translation services in the public sector help your department meet the needs of end users by communicating in their first or preferred language. Users of the service can expect a personalised approach to their language and communication requirements as one size does not fit all. High ethical standards, a duty of confidentiality and safeguarding responsibilities are mandatory requirements.

The use of inadequately trained linguists places your customers and departments at unnecessary risk. The repercussions often add extra secondary costs such as missed appointments, misunderstood information, misdiagnosis and inaccurate treatment.

This service can be used as part of the RM1092 framework administered by the Crown Commercial Service and open to all government. It provides your department with timely access to develop an apt and effective communication strategy to cover all languages and hard-to-reach groups.

Language Services for the Public Sector
Complete Language Service

Additional services such as BSL, accessibility services, written translation and creative services can be ordered at the same time under the same framework. All services are specifically developed for the public sector.

Access to Service

Positioned within government framework arrangements all service-level agreements are pre-approved, management information established and can be ordered without the need for mini-competition or tender.

Professional and Confidential

Registered, qualified and impartial public sector language professionals. All data handling is GDPR compliant and staff security cleared.


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Our telephone and video interpreting service enables you to communicate in over 250 languages 24/7. No matter where you are in the world in most cases, we can connect you to an interpreter in less than a minute.

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Manage your Public Sector Interpreting Assignments in one Place

The online booking and management system is designed to help our clients manage assignments in the simplest way possible. An organised, cohesive and functional online booking system is essential to making your interpreting assignment as cost-effective as possible.

  • Management information and budget control
  • Real-time booking and availability
  • Online messaging system

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“K International have provided a consistently swift and efficient service for all of the assignments rendered. The staff have always been communicative and courteous so I know exactly what to expect and from whom. I have used a variety of services from
K International now, including vastly complex document translations and also interpreter presence in the course of highly sensitive meetings. I would highly recommend K International to anyone. A special thanks to the team there!”

The Charity Commission

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“I have had to use this service twice in the last few weeks and both times it was extremely easy to use; very fast; the interpreters very professional and friendly.”

Official Receiver
The Insolvency Service


“K International were very professional and organised. The interpreters themselves were very patient, kind and professional in every way.”


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“I found the interpreter provided by K International not only proficient in their skills as a translator, but also very supportive and aware of the emotional well-being of my clients in what was a particularly traumatic time for them.”


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