Medical Translation Services

An international team of certified medical linguists here to translate your medical documents into 250 languages. Covering all parts of the international product life cycle from pre-clinical to post-sales service.

ISO 9001:2015 accredited and aligned with local regulatory guidance.

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Medical Translation Services

If you are engaged in the healthcare or pharmaceutical sectors you can rely on K International’s medical translation services to deliver the highest quality results.

Relied on by pharmaceutical companies and government departments including the NHS, Medical Research Council, Department of Health and British Army. K International translates thousands of medical documents each month in over 250 languages.

Medical information can often contain a myriad of complex terminology; ensuring this is accurately conveyed in translation is vital. There are few other disciplines within translation that can have such a significant bearing on human life. For this reason, choosing a proven, respected, experienced professional language provider is an absolute must.

We have a global network of native medical translators only ever working into their mother tongue who are recruited directly from the medical industry. This team are supported by our medical advisors to give objective feedback into the medical industry. With extensive training and ongoing examination, translation quality is consistently improved over time.

Using the latest translation tools and working in all leading formatting platforms we are able to seamlessly fit into your medical content supply chain, making it international from day one. All of our processes are externally audited and accredited to international standards ISO 9001:2015.

Translation and Interpreting Services in Primary Care

NHS Language Translation Services

Translation and Language services provided through the NHS Shared Business Service Agreement. Free to join for all NHS trusts and departments, simple to set up and designed to provide the most comprehensive set of language services.

No minimum charges. No contract fees. 100% pay as you go service. All service levels are pre-approved. Users can be set up in minutes.


Medical translation services in over 250 language pairs. Translators hold an honours degree in the relevant language and/or a degree in translation.


Face to face, telephone, video and British Sign Language medical interpreters on hand to meet the specific needs of you and your customers.


Braille, Easy Read and large print services to ensure your communication strategy reaches everyone.


Dealing with the process of transcribing voice-recorded medical reports dictated by doctors, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Getting Medical Translation Right First Time

Delivering quality translation to the medical sector day in, day out.

Medical Translation Aligned with Local Legislation

Medical translation is a serious business. Mistakes can be a matter of life or death. As such, medical translation requires a keen focus on accuracy, terminology and legislation, at K International we deliver exactly that.

Internationally Accredited Processes and Procedures

All systems are aligned to ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013. Quality control and data security measures are industry recognised. Operating in a secure environment with all staff security cleared and trained to deal with sensitive information. Keeping your data secure.

Multi-Language Artwork and Document Design Services

Custom graphic design and content authoring services for medical documentation. Gives you the complete freedom to outsource the production and maintenance of your documentation while you concentrate on core capabilities.

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Delivering Results for International Life Sciences

Translation Management Designed for International Pharmaceutical Companies

TrackLingua provides a convenient online way of working for your team to directly request and receive translations as well as to access relevant language resources. Utilising this system, you can significantly reduce admin load, speed up translation times and keep track of all requests by individual users and teams.


Based in the cloud, TrackLingua provides a straight forward, easily accessible system for launching and retrieving language projects.


Capable of handling virtually any digital file format. Upload whatever you need translating as it is, straight to TrackLingua and it takes care of the rest.


Plan your internal workflow and keep track of all project assets including overall project completion status, proofing, validation, deadline and launch information.

TrackLingua on Véronique's Laptop

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“I have mainly used K International for their translation services and have found it to be an easy and reliable experience. The turnaround time and quality of the service is also great. I would highly recommend using K international for any of the services they provide.”

Senior Compliance Officer
Pertemps Medical

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“A key quality for our company is the ability to meet tight deadlines and make alterations to work with immediate notice. K International have proved to accomplish this with every task we have set them. An efficient and reliable translation service.”

Medical Project Assistant
Atrium Health

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“K international provide a great service to us. The process is very simple and they always provide our medical translations within a very short time span. I would recommend their services”

Account Manager
ID Medical Group

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“The team at K International have always provided a professional, reliable and efficient service. Delivering a very high standard within short deadlines. Thank you for all your hard work over the past few years… it is always a pleasure to work with you!“

Account Manager
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