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Adapting digital content for an international audience is challenging with many complex considerations. We can provide you with specialist support and advice on all legal, cultural and procedural issues associated with website translation and localisation. We handle the technicalities of getting your site in front of a global audience and keep the process as simple and efficient for you as possible.

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Making your Online Content Ready for the World

We translate websites. This can be single page WordPress installations to complex multi-language and multinational global web projects. Working in partnership with leading UK businesses, government and SMEs, we offer a professional and comprehensive website localisation service no matter what sector, market, region or language your customers are in.

In addition to translation, websites and online experiences need to be localised for the local consumer. This can be as straightforward as adjusting elements of your website, such as time, date and currency formats but also includes reviewing the whole experience and aligning it with the target culture. Doing this right makes the difference between a good and a great project.

Translating your Website into 250 Languages

Integration into Leading Content Management Systems

Most websites rely on content management systems (CMS) to help their web teams produce and maintain complex information. Our systems link with leading content management systems providing a way to internationalise your website and digital marketing without changing systems. Each project is different and our technical team are here to help every step of the way.

Building International Websites

Digital marketing projects can have internationalisation built in from day zero. Using this approach develops a content strategy not limited by language, borders or technical resources. Marrying linguistic and technical teams early on is always our recommendation. Using an agile approach to international digital marketing gives language a seat at the table and produces as seamless as possible communication with your international customer.

International SEO

Creating awesome international content is one thing, putting this content in front of your international audience at the right time is another. Our international search engine optimisation service helps you do just that. Services include keyword research, international link building, on-site optimisation and international inbound marketing consultation.

We can help you translate your website.

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Translating all types of Websites

Knowledge Base and Wikis

Translating internal Wiki pages and knowledge bases. Essential for communication with cross-border teams within your company. From one central place, all information can be controlled and delivered to global teams.

International eCommerce

Compete around the world with an international eCommerce solution. Stand head and shoulders above your competitor by offering a localised brand experience. Increase customers and diversify your customer base.

Blogs and Social Media

Translating your blog and social media platforms engages an international audience. Running international versions of everything can be complex and we can help with this process. Concentrate your efforts on the original and we’ll handle the rest.

Company Websites

Most businesses have a website to communicate with stakeholders.

K International can make this an international experience by translating it into any one of 250 languages.


Your International Website Development Team

While translation is our craft, the effect is much, much bigger. We can change the way people manage the international content supply chain, how the international consumer interacts with your content and the management process of creating an amazing international website experience.

With decades of experience, our first international web project was in the mid-90s. It’s a dynamic space and our culture is based on the belief that by working together we can create anything.

Investing in Translation

A common misconception is that machine translation can stand in for a professional translator and be used to produce localised web content. Google’s own content guidelines advise that automated translations don’t always make sense and could be viewed as spam.

ccTLDs, Subdomains, Subdirectories and Hosting Options

The decision about how to structure and where to host your international website has an effect on how it performs in the search engines. It is often dependent on the budget as each option has a different cost and benefit.

Opportunity in Analytics

Careful analysis of your website analytics shows where visitors are coming from and how they’re finding your content. Using this data accidental internationalisation might be seen, inspiring ideas about where to invest your international marketing budget for best return.


Adding HREFLang tags into your web code is a technical solution to tell search engines which group of language users each page is intended for. It improves user experience (and lowers bounce rate) by showing the right pages to the right people and helps with the problem of duplication when different regions use the same language.

Easily Manage
Website Localisation
with TrackLingua

TrackLingua provides a convenient online way of working for your team to directly request and receive translations as well as to access relevant language resources. Utilising this system, you can significantly reduce admin load, speed up translation times and keep track of all requests by individual users and teams.


Based in the cloud, TrackLingua provides a straight forward, easily accessible system for launching and retrieving language projects.


Capable of handling virtually any digital file format. Upload whatever you need translating as it is, straight to TrackLingua and it takes care of the rest.


Plan your internal workflow and keep track of all project assets including overall project completion status, proofing, validation, deadline and launch information.

TrackLingua on Véronique's Laptop

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“K International’s workflow allows seamless processing of our artwork and instruction manuals. The team are a pleasure to work with and are always on the front foot with innovations.
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“The team at K International are very knowledgeable, dedicated and enthusiastic. A big factor in working with K is that not only can they help you translate, but also, you have the peace of mind that the output is legally compliant.”

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